How to unblock a freezed account in Yahoo

If abruptly your Yahoo account is locked after too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in. Don’t worry it will unlock automatically after a few hours. If you were asked to verify your identify multiple times, our system may have found some threat to your account. To unlock your account you have to ensure that you have the access of associated phone number and recovery email address.

Yahoo email is used to communicate with people all over the globe. You can start your personal and professional talks separately by configuring your Yahoo account settings. If you have any problem with your account or it suddenly gets locked, you can fix it with our specialist technicians. The team will make sure you get a reliable solution so the problem gets resolved easily.

Steps to unblock a yahoo email account-

  • Login in with your Yahoo account, tap on the gear icon and choose mail options from the menu.
  • Under the Advanced options click on the blocked addresses link.
  • Now select an email address you want to unblock. Tap on the icon that resembles a trash bin to remove the email address from the blocked list.
  • Hit the inbox folder to return to the main window.

Though we are an independent third-party service provides, we aim to deliver the best and reliable solutions to every customer. We deliver trustworthy online services where customers can chat with us or call our toll-free number. To resolve their problem we access their device through remote access and other possible ways so they get kind technical support. People can contact our team via any appropriate platform we offer to communicate. The team at Yahoo Customer Service Number is all at your service to ensure you great advice and additional information regarding the products. The team is fully prepared to resolve all the complex issues and guaranteed you the solution meanwhile. Their experience will ensure the exact solution through the steps.

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