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How to fix yahoo mail issues connected to iPhone?

This problem can happen with anyone no matter what operating system you’re using to access your Yahoo email account. Well, on this page, we have listed the methods for the iPhone users who are not able to access their Yahoo account on their phone. Our diligent team has come up with several methods that will surely give you a relief to troubleshoot the glitch.

If you’re thinking that iPhone is not immune to the problem then we must tell you that you’re wrong; this is a complete myth. To fix all the issues in your yahoo account, you can contact our team on Yahoo Customer Service helpline number and ask them for a solution.

Method 1: Reenter password

Usually, this problem appears when you changed your mail password on your computer. Therefore you need to connect to your account by entering the correct password again. to do so follow the below procedure.

  • On your iPhone, tap on settings and select Account & Passwords.
  • Then choose mail account and tap on Deleted Account
  • After this click on back to the account & passwords screen and select “add your account back” link.

Method 2: Move email to different inbox folder

If possible, select all your emails that fail to open and move them to a temporary folder. Create on the server by right-clicking on the items and then select Move to option. Then you should go to the folder and check whether you can access the folder easily. if it not resolved, you can try another method to fix the issue.

Method 3: Change your Account password

You should consider changing your mail account password if the above method doesn’t work. maybe the issue with the service provider, might they haven’t updated your mail information. you can recover your password by following the forgot a password link.

Method 4: Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings

  • Open Active Directory users and computer; select view option and tap on Advanced Features from the top menu option.
  • Find and right-click on the mail account and tap on prosperities. After this, tap on security and click on Advanced button.
  • Tick the checkbox Include inheritable permissions from the object’s parent.

Random Solutions-

  • Configure the Mail day to sync field to No Limit.
  • Reset network settings via clicking on Settings option, then General, reset and at last on Reset Network setting option.
  • Disable iCloud and go to the mail account and change your password.
  • Delete the account and tap on create a new account.

For more help and repair, you can reach us at our toll-free number and avail our services on Yahoo Customer Service Australia. Our executives are also available to help you and ensure an accurate solution in your comfort zone. You can dial our number, connect us through email service or drop message on live chat support for instant solution.

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